Visa to USA
To be able to enter the territory of the United States, Georgian citizens need a nonimmigrant visa of
the appropriate category (tourist, business, etc.).
The visa is issued by the Consulate of the US Embassy in Tbilisi.

General list of documents to be submitted to the consulate:
• Completed DS160 Visa Application Form
• Invitation;
• In the case of a private visit: documents confirming the status of the inviting party;
• 1 biometric photo taken in the last 6 months, when uploaded electronically into a DS160 visa
• Certificate from the employer (must indicate the position, salary, duration of work, letter of
guarantee from the employer, which will confirm that after returning to his homeland the employee
will continue to work in the organization) issued or translated into English;
• Pensioner (certificate and retirement account number);
• Pupil / student (school certificate);
• Financial solvency (for example, bank statement);
• In the case of minors (consent to leave the child from the parents);
• Passport valid for the next 6 months;

The cost of filling inn a visa application form and making an appointment for USA visa is 70
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